Introducing Brewno Version 2 – Digital Home Brew Controller

April 6, 2017 – I’m happy to say that all information is now up to date for Brewno Version 2 – RTD and Controller Shields.  If you see anything out of place, do let me know.

Brewno is an Open Source Digital Brew Control system that brings Electric Brewing into the digital realm.  Going digital opens the possibility to data log the brew process, improve control, improve user interface and much more.  Brewno has two main components; a hardware component and software component. Since Brewno is open source, all information and software on this site is free.  The current version of the Brewno Controller is Version 2.

Brewno Hardware

The hardware component consists of an Arduino and a Brewno Controller shield.  The Controller shield incorporates the BrewnoV2 RTD shield and additional peripherals to support inputs and outputs to connect to your electric brew panel.  See the Brewno Hardware section for more details.  Open Source isn’t just about software; Brewno hardware is Open Source and everything is provided on this site to build your own.

Brewno Software

The Brewno software consists of two main components: the Brewno control logic for Arduino and a PC program for interfacing with the controller.  Brewno can operate normally without the PC program, but you will need it for data logging activities and to setup / change controller parameters.