The Arduino board comes blank and the user must upload their own program.  For use with the Brewno Controller, download the Brewno code and upload to the Arduino Board.  Two open source libraries are referenced by the Brewno code that are not core libraries and need to be added.  They are:

  • PID Library by Brett Beauregard
  • ADS1220RTD_Brewno_Library_V2_1 by David Wiebe (that’s me)

Please go to the Download section for links to all files. Links are provided for Github and/or local downloads as applicable.  If you know what to do, go get the files and you’re golden.  If not, read on.

I’ll do my best to keep this short and to the point.  There are a couple steps, but this really is quite simple.  For all downloads, please visit the download section.

  1. Download and install the Arduino IDE
  2. Download the ADS1220 and PID Arduino Libraries (*.zip files)
  3. Open each Library *.zip file and there should be a folder in each, Unzip this Documents\Arduino\librariesarduino-library-screen-shot
  4. Download the Arduino Brewno V2 program (*.zip)
  5. Open the *.zip file and save the folder within to Documents\Arduino
  6. Go into the folder you just saved (Documents\Arduino\Brewno) and double click the *.ino file to launch the Arduino IDE
  7. The Arduino IDE should open and you should see a bunch of code on the screen. Brewno Program in Arduino IDE
  8. To confirm you have the right libraries, and have installed them in the correct directory, click the “check mark” symbol on the top left of the window.  This will compile the code locally.  This will take about 30 seconds and should finish successfully.  If not, go back an check you have the right libraries and they are in the correct directory.  If you added the libraries out of sequence.  Close down the Arduino IDE and re-open and try again.
  9. If Step 8 finished cleanly, plug in your Arduino board to your computer via the USB.
  10. Click the “horizontal arrow” just to the right of the Compile check mark.  This will compile the code again and upload it to the Arduino board.  Once and a while you’ll have an uploading error.  If so, try again and it should work.  If not, go to the top menu Tools -> Port: and make sure “Arduino/Genuino” is written next to the selected COM port.  If not your Arduino probably isn’t connected properly.  NOTE: While connection to the board via Bluetooth for normal operation works fine (uploading and downloading of data during operation), I have not been able to upload a new program to the Arduino via Bluetooth nor via the normal USB connection when the Bluetooth module is enabled.  I’m not sure of why, but doing some reading online it appears this is an issue with devices such as Bluetooth that communicate via the Serial pins.  Inline with the Arduino recommendation, if you have trouble uploading to the Arduino board, make sure to disconnect the Bluetooth module and use the USB port.